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This Week's Blazing HOT Rates

Here are this weeks best rates for annuities. To check for availability call 888-664-6694 and ask for the Blazing HOT Rates for this week

Today's Bonus Annuity

John Hancock
5.70% in the first year on deposits of $100k or more
2.70% on years 2 through 6

Call 888-664-6694 for Details on these Hot Rates

Definitions of the Different Types of Annuities

Immediate annuities allow you to give the provider a single lump payment and they in turn supply you with regular monthly payments which begin immediately.

With deferred annuities you will pay a sum of money just as you would with the immediate annuity but you don't begin receiving payments until after some years and after you've accumulated some interest on the investment.

Fixed annuities provide a guarantee on the amount of interest you will earn. This interest rate will not change throughout the life of your annuity.

Variable annuities offer no guarantee and your monthly payments will be determined on how well your money performs in the US or global stock markets.